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M.F.A. Interview with Vincy Wang


Written and directed by Vincy Wang

1 - First of all, congratulations for your remarkable short film! At what age did you know that you were going to dedicate yourself to the cinema and why?

Growing up, I always had a hard time expressing my thoughts out loud until I made my first video. I found that I felt much more comfortable via this medium. Since then, I knew film was my voice.

2 - How was the relationship with your team during the filming?

We were a very small crew and they are all my close friends. The atmosphere of the set was relaxing so that helped the shooting process go smoothly.

3 - What industry figure do you feel identified with, what have your influences been?

I have many favorite artists, such as Eric Rohmer, Wim Wenders, Leos Carax, Jan Svankmajer, ect. However, they didn’t really influence my creative process. I prefer to find the inspiration from my personal life and experience.

4 - What does cinema means to you?

Film for me is to express a kind of confusion and dilemma; it doesn’t need an answer.

5 - Your film tells a strong story. How did the idea come about?

I had a pet snail named Niuniu. My intent was not to tell the audience a certain story or philosophy, but to present different perspectives and let the audience to feel it by themselves.

6 - Tell us about the backstage. What were the most complex or difficult things you had to solve during filming (technically and/or emotionally)?

One of the most difficult parts was dealing with outdoor environmental factors. It was hard to get the shot that I envisioned because of the rain so we had to work with what we could shoot that day.

7 - Do you plan to make a full-length film?

As of right now, I have no plans to make a sequel but if Netflix offers me a tasty contract, I will consider making a NIUNIU series.

Madrid Film Awards - Interviews / @madridfilm.awards

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